Friday, February 21, 2014

Good News Friday 2/21/14

I was emailing with my brother recently and he told me about Good News Fridays.  I have been having a particularly stressful month between my tween angst girls, mom, work, etc.  I've been bitching and feeling sorry for myself and sharing those feelings with my brother and his wife.

Then a few good things happened.  So to balance out the bitchiness I've been sharing, I sent a "Good News!" email.  He told me the story of what it was like to work in a travel destination business in the months following 9/11 when no one was traveling.  He and one of his managers, looking for any bit of good news. would have Good News Fridays to review the positive things that were happening.  I think that's what I need to do.  So at least sporadically, you'll see Good News Fridays (GNF) posts.  Feel free to share your good news here as well.  The more, the merrier.

So what was my good news?  Well, I won't share it all.  But I'll share enough to tell you why I'm smiling.

1.  My kids passed their skating tests.  Both were happy but A was just beside herself.  It was nice to see her happy again.

2.  We know where they're going to camp.  Whew!

3.  A client that has been stringing me along for the last 6 months finally paid.  Big whew!

4.  I received a nice and very unexpected birthday gift.

5.  The tornado warning of earlier today produced nothing.  Very good indeed!

I hope this good news trend continues!  Oh, tomorrow will be good.  More warm weather and a day trip to Baltimore will make for a fun day.

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