Thursday, July 4, 2013


I'm a fireworks junkie.  Some would use other words but let's go with junkie.  I love fireworks.  Meaning, I LOVE fireworks.  I will travel (within reason) to see them.  I've always loved them, despite growing up being told to fear them.  My mom was young - maybe around 10 or so - when she went to see them.  A burning ember fell from the sky and burned her jacket.  I grew up being aware of their danger but still loving them.  There's something special about this thing that shoots up into the sky and explodes in a burst of color, sound and glitter.

I have my favorites but really, there is no such thing as an unattractive firework.  They're special.  I love them over water in Sodus Point, NY.  At the Mall in DC.  Over the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philly. Over any and every ocean.  I'm really not picky.

Well, I am.  I don't really care for the fireworks set off in people's yards.  The expectation of missing limbs kind of kills the fun.  My former uncle-in-law used to do that.  He would set off brilliant fireworks over Lake Ontario.  I would pray he didn't lose any fingers.  He thought I was paranoid.  I thought he was crazy.

My kids go to Sodus Point every year with the dad for July 4.  They love it but they miss being with me.  M says I'm the most fun person to watch fireworks with - I love them that much.

Let's see......where have I seen fireworks?

  1. On the mall for the Smithsonian's birthday - fireworks over the castle building was fun.
  2. On the mall for July 4.  Just once.  I can't handle those crowds.
  3. On the mall for New Year's 2000.  That was cold but fun.
  4. In Baltimore for New Year's.  I forget the year.
  5. In Ocean City, NJ - more times than I can count.
  6. In Philly for July 4.  With the Beach Boys.
  7. In Lansdale, though I don't remember when.
  8. In Annapolis.  On a boat!!
  9. In Wheaton - I interpreted for the fireworks.  Fabulous job for many years.
  10. In Wheaton on a parking garage roof.  I could see fireworks all around for miles.
  11. In College Park - having my boyfriend realize just how much I love fireworks.
  12. In Lanham (last night) with my boyfriend who gets how much I love them.

UPDATE for 7/4/16

I've seen even MORE fireworks.

13. Laurel - these weren't the best but they were fireworks!
14. DC for Emancipation Day - these are good because they're set off in the street and you can see the reflections in the office buildings.
15.  Geneva Switzerland - the best by far.  I had no idea just how perfect fireworks could be before witnessing this show.  Amazing doesn't begin to describe it.
16.  Along 95 while driving home from NYC last night.  Not a ton, but still fun.

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