Monday, April 8, 2013

Tourists or Another MTM moment

I could write about everything I don't like about tourists in DC.  I could write about how they stand to the left on the metro escalators or how they block the doors.  Or how they can't figure out how to use a metro card.  Or how they can't park to save their lives.

But I won't.

Why?  Because I like living in a place people want to visit.  I was at Eastern Market yesterday and it took about 20 minutes to find a parking space.  Normally this would bug the shit out of me but it didn't.  First, I was with someone whose conversation kept me entertained.  Second, it was a beautiful day and my (new!) sunroof was open.  There were people everywhere.

My friend, C, and I walked around the flea market part first.  It was crowded but everyone was in a good mood.  We made our way over to the other vendors and eventually into the market building.  I could smell the flowers, the food and things I couldn't readily identify.  It was all happy (okay, maybe not the fish counter).

That was the tourist part.  Now the MTM (Mary Tyler Moore) Moment part.

So you know in the beginning of the Mary Tyler Moore show when she's walking through the city and throws her hat up in the air?  That's a MTM moment.  Yes, I am aware this shows my age.  I'm good with it.

Every now and again I have a MTM moment.  It tends to happen in airports and occasionally at the various Smithsonian gardens.  I don't know why.  Yesterday was another MTM of sorts.  C and I were looking for a place to eat lunch and found a nice place with outdoor seating and mimosas.  Oh, we had just run into a couple of friends moments before.  So there I was with my trendy looking friend (because I am most definitely NOT trendy looking), just ran into people I know in a crowded place and was sitting there drinking mimosas and eating middle eastern food - all while making this very white crayon of a woman just a shade darker in the sun.  That, my friends, was my first MTM moment of the year.  It's about time.

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