Monday, February 4, 2013

A year is a long time.....sort of

A year ago today my mother in law died.  There aren't many days I can remember in such detail.  I remember that day clearly.  I started thinking about this last year and all the things that have happened.    I'll limit the list to related things:

1.  We learned that while we were sad for much of this year, life does indeed go on.

2.  My girls grew to be almost as tall as Ruth was when she died.  That's a lot of growth for a year.

3.  My ex and I learned to work together for things that didn't involve our families.  We were always fine with that but couldn't get ourselves together for other things.  We're better now.

4.  I walked 26.2 miles and my girls cheered countless other walkers.

5. I got my first mammogram in several years.  I'm grateful to the woman at one of the Avon Walk events who asked MY DAUGHTER if she knew when was the last time I had a mammogram.  I think I'd only had one since their birth.  I'm back on track.

6.  She had another grandchild - the first grandson - born.

7.  Okay, not related but I feel the need to brag.  I have kids with all A's and B's on their report cards.  Ruth (who was a teacher at one point) would be proud.

That's a lot of change for a year.  It's interesting - I don't often have a clear recollection of a year (not sure if that makes sense).  I clearly remember last Feb. 4 and here we are today. That's a very clear year for me.  It's been surprisingly fast.  But what a year it's been!  I hope we have many more years of growth and happiness.


  1. Not related, but still great - we got to be better friends. :-)

    Glad we both survived this last year :-D.

  2. Absolutely - still great! I wouldn't change that for anything!