Friday, May 4, 2012

Walk eve....

It's here.  Tomorrow I walk.  It seemed so far away in January.  It was closer than I thought.

I've walked well over 100 miles in training.  I've discovered parts of Silver Spring, Bethesda, DC and all parts in between that I never paid attention to before.  I got a great new friend out of the deal.  Walking has been like therapy - we walk, talk about our week.  It feels strange to know that it'll be over soon.

Reading the posts on facebook, seeing the donations people gave me - it's overwhelming to think of all the support people are giving me.  My heart is happy.

It didn't do the one thing I thought it might:  it didn't make it all better.  I'm still sad at the loss of my mother in law.  I'm still sad and nervous for my friends battling this disease - and there are several of them.  The feeling of loss is still there.

But there are two good things that happened.  I feel like I made a difference.  I raised a boatload of money, which I didn't think would happen.  I also completed a goal.  Well, technically not yet but I'm going so this will happen.  I can't think of many times in my life where I set out to do something and actually did it.

I'm very nervous.  My hands are shaking, which makes it hard to type.  Time to get everything ready.

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