Saturday, March 3, 2012

Freedom of Speech

When I become Queen of the World.....

I say that a lot (mostly in my head). I say it more when people do stupid things.

I don't think Rush Limbaugh's most recent comments deserve repeating. However, the sentiment behind that keeps bugging me. Why is it okay to spout hate? I get the idea of freedom of speech but where is the line? Yeah, I know there really isn't a line. Maybe there should be.

When a grown man calls a woman a slut and a prostitute and makes public comments about her sex life, that's going too far. When race, gender, and personal matters are used, that's going too far. It's no secret that my political views are to the far side of liberal. I thought the liberal commentators who made comments about Rick Santorum's wife's miscarriage (they said she had an abortion, which IMHO was not true) were mean. Attack Santorum all you want. His wife's miscarriage shouldn't be part of this debate. Rush is entitled to his opinions but he and everyone else lose the fight immediately when the name calling starts.

People have the right to their opinions. But when one spouts hate, that's a different story. My SO and I talked about this yesterday. Freedom is freedom and, within certain limits set by society and/or the courts, people can say what they want. If that freedom is curtailed, who decides what's appropriate or not? Where's the line?

My thought is when the stuff you say encourages hate and division among society, that's too far. Will everyone agree with my thoughts? Probably not. Hence, the start of this post: When I become Queen of the World. When it's my world, people like Rush won't have to live in it.

Yay for Queen Judi!

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