Thursday, February 23, 2012

People who Entertain me - blogs

I'm just really getting into the world of bloggers. It's a fascinating place. Some of my favs are mommy bloggers. Others just make me think. Some just amuse me. They all entertain in one form or another. Alissa makes me want to do good things in this world. I like that. This is a new blog from a chick whose life is enviable. She travels, experiences life and crazy shit finds this girl. Always. Epsilon Clue. Full disclosure: I date this writer. That said, I don't always agree with him on everything but he always makes me think. Kelli is right. Momma needs a beer. Or a sangria or just a shot of tequila. My neighbor who has a sense of humor and makes me think. This is the go-to site for parents who need things to do with their kids. And for fun give-aways. I want to be a blogger like Jessica.

That's a good start. There are more. I'll add more later.....


  1. I made the list! Keen! Do I get a badge or something to put on my site?

  2. Oh, that's a good idea. I'll have to make something cool for you. But wait, if I make a WWJD badge, won't people be confused??

  3. Me too me too! Thanks! Now I have to think of something funny and thought provoking. Oy.