Saturday, June 11, 2011


There's a lot going on in my head today but I can't get my head together enough to write about any of it. Welcome to my life.

There's another blog I like by a friend of mine, Alissa. Her blog, Have Stroller, Will Travel, makes me think. Sometimes it makes me feel normal - that I'm not the only one dealing with weird parenting issues. Plus I get to win fun things sometimes. She wrote the other day about accidents she had while growing up. That got me thinking.

I have scars. Right now, when I think of my scars they're mostly the kind on the inside. But I have plenty on the outside.

I'm pretty sure CPS watched my family for a while. I broke both wrists within three months of each other. The first was in gym class in 6th grade. I tripped and fell and surprise, it was broken. Then at tennis lessons in NJ, I tripped again and broke the other arm. mother was not happy with me. At all.

There are the weird ones. I have had stitches in the same place (my chin) twice, about 7 years apart. I put a safety pin in my eye (hence, no contacts for me) and a knitting needle through my leg. Neither of those was fun at all! Apparently I'm above the age when most people get their appendixes out yet that happened last summer - and those scars are on top of part of my c-section and previous laparoscopy surgeries from long ago.

I was a fire bug for a while when I was young. I have plenty of scars on my legs from when I would melt things and forget that I was wearing shorts. Yeah, I was a pyro but not too bright. I still have claw marks on my hand from where a jealous girl got pissy with me when the cute boy on the neighborhood walked me home and not her.

These scars are easy to deal with. It's the ones you can't see that are harder. But those are fading, too.

I have kids who are doomed to be accident prone. The local ER knows me well already. The cycle continues.....

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  1. I'm surprised in all our times working together that we didn't die.

    Since writing that post on my blog, I've thought I could make it a weekly feature--so many more came to mind after the fact.

    Wishing you no more slips, trips or falls.