Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Father's day for someone who grew up without a dad is a weird day. I had a friend (acquaintance, really) in high school who was horrified that I had no idea when father's day was. I knew it was in June - I did have a grandfather at that time. But I couldn't then and still can't tell you if it's the first, third or whatever Sunday in June.

I always thought my mother should get both Mother's Day and Father's Day - she was both to me. But I had a brother that grew up with both parents, so that would've been weird.

I, for one - and yes, I'm a mom, would be very happy to get rid of mother's day (which is usually a less than stellar day for me) and father's day. Maybe just one day of recognizing the person(s) who influenced your life. For me, that would be my 8th grade science teacher (who was probably the most paternal figure in my life), my mom and a few family friends who tried to steer me away from the trouble I was drawn to.

So happy day to the people who influenced my life and taught me right from wrong. The list is long but includes some odd people who would never guess they had an influence on me:

Mr. Righter, who taught me in 7th and 8th grade and saved me in my senior year by letting me teach his class,

The man who owned The Smuggler Shop in Ocean City, who took the time to listen to me and always supported what my mom said,

Mr. Aiken, who was the closest thing to a dad I had.

Mr. Miller, who tried his best to teach me how to garden (and now I wish I had paid more attention).

and the others I won't mention today.

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