Monday, October 11, 2010

How much it too much?

Yowzah. Every time things go haywire and then settle, there's that false sense of security that comes after dealing with a big blow. Whew, we got over that hurdle. Glad that's done. Wake up, silly - there's another one just waiting for you.

That's the story of my life. One thing happens and I get through it and then another thing happens. Why is that? Is it karma coming back to bite me in the ass? Serioulsy, Universe, I'm doing the best I can. Stop testing me. Just for a few weeks. I need breathing space.

I know I'm not alone in this thinking. One friend recently commented that too many people in her life are dealing with cancer - all at the same time. She's a good person, doesn't do bad things (generally, wink). How is it decided what is too much for one person?

Clearly, I am writing this in crisis mode. The morning started out good enough - especially after an awesome night last night. A breakfast date at Starbucks started it out well. Going to see my kids at school continued the good mood. Business stuff going well. Then the phone call comes. Things are not good. Your good day just went to hell in a second.

When people find out that a family member is sick, a marriage is ending, whatever drama is happening in your life, they say very well meaning things. "Life will get better". What qualifies you to say that? How on earth could you know that? My favorite one is "You are never given what you can't handle." could you possibly know what someone can and can't handle? That's your belief. It's not necessarily mine.

Actually it is my belief. I do believe that I am not given more than I can handle. But I really wish the universe, God, who or whatever would stop testing us. I think we've proven ourselves worthy time and again.

I also get annoyed at the comments regarding resiliency in children. Oh, don't worry, they say. Children are resilient. They will get through this. Do you not read the papers or see the news? These people who shoot people for no apparent reason, who hurt women, who do bad things are just grown up children.

Stop messing with me, Universe.

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