Friday, October 23, 2015

It Isn't Easy Being Green

In one year, three months and 10 days, I'll be 50.  But who's counting, right?

I have certain things I want to accomplish by that time.  I won't list all the things I want to change in my life but there are a few things that need to be different.  The most important thing is I need to be healthier.  I want to look pretty in a wedding dress (no, I have nothing official to announce.  I'm just speculating.....or hoping).  I want to live to see my children graduate from high school, college, and see them be adults who might one day have children of their own (after age 32).  I have lots of things I want to do.

I want to tell you that I woke up one day and decided to  be healthier.  I want to tell you I've had some great epiphany and am changing my life.  I want to tell you all that stuff.  But that's not what happened. A friend called saying she needed to make some healthier changes and asked if I'd do it with her.  I didn't hesitate to say yes.  The idea wasn't mine but I'm excited by it.

I was a vegetarian for several years back before I was married.  I was a lousy vegetarian.  I don't like vegetables so that was a problem.  I ate a ton of junk and very little veggies and yet still proudly wore the title of vegetarian.  Then that ended and I continued to avoid veggies but could eat a burger again.

This time around, I'm not going the vegetarian route.  But I am determined to find something - anything - I like.  I've been doing this since Tuesday of this week and I've eaten more veggies in three days than I have in a month.  I've eaten salads (not my favorite).  I've bought things.  I cooked stuffed zucchini tonight.  If anyone ever told me that I would want seconds and thirds of that, I would have laughed.  It was so freaking good!  I even cooked my first spaghetti squash.  That's a weird vegetable.  I wonder about the pilgrims or Native Americans or whomever discovered that.  Who thought of scraping the sides to make it spaghetti-like?  I haven't used it yet but it looks interesting.  The difference this time is that I have wonderful tools like Pinterest,, and facebook.  People post recipes that actually look good.  I'm willing to try things now.

I'm also trying to get my ass off the (purple velvet!) couch occasionally.  It's been such a beautiful week that I've spent as much time outdoors as possible.  I've walked around the buildings where I work.  I've walked around Lake Artemesia (my favorite!).  I've walked around Sligo Creek Parkway.  I've had company along the way.  Yesterday Andrew (boyfriend) joined for the lake walk.  Today my kids were dragged invited.  Having time away from electronics, phones, people is a good thing.  We laughed, leaped (well, they did) and noticed the world around us.  It was a very good hour.

The biggest change for me this week is how I think.  I can't do mindless eating any more.  I can't just sit and do nothing. I have no great expectation that I will lose 100 pounds and magically become beautiful.  I would like to lessen my stress, make the chest pains go away and clear my head a bit.  Hopefully, the rest will fall into place.

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