Thursday, June 18, 2015

Judi, Judi, oh so moody, how does your garden grow?

I have been thinking all day about the rhyme Mary, Mary, quite contrary.  How does your garden grow?  Nothing good rhymes with Judi.

Judi, Judi, with a big booty - NO!
Judi, Judi, oh so moody - NO!
Judi, Judi, you have cooties - Um, NO!

I can't come up with anything.  I am the least likely person to be a gardener.  I like plants but don't really know a ton about them.  I am learning to like worms but don't care too much for the other critters that try to eat my plants.  I like the whole start from seeds thing.  I like the process of it all.

I asked M the other day if she enjoyed it.  No, not really.  But I like seeing how excited you get when something grows.  That's fun.  I'll take that.

So, what am I growing?  And where?  I have a tiny front yard that just got tinier.  I now have 4 large garden boxes.  The picture only shows three but I just inherited one from a neighbor that's the biggest of all! Some plants I started from seeds (thank you friends who bring me toilet paper rolls for seed sprouting).  Some I bought.  And some I got on freecycle (excellent resource!).

That little flower will hopefully be a pepper one day.

This pretty little thing will be peas.

My list:

basil - both from seed and purchased
rosemary - both from seed and purchased
all sorts of peppers
lettuce - yummy kinds and others
tomatoes (various kinds)

I think I'm missing something.  Oh!  Eggplant.  Just one of those.

Hopefully, these little flowers will grow into cucumbers.  Or a squash - I forget which.

This little purple flower will hopefully become some sort of edible eggplant (even though I don't actually like eggplant).

I have a compost bin out back - I've had it for years.  I'm lazy about it.  Sometimes I remember to put stuff in it, sometimes I don't.  Sometimes I water it, mostly I don't.  But when I find worms, they go in it.  Worm poop is golden.

This year I opened the lid to find a surprise.  Things were growing in it.  There are potatoes - I'm not touching those because I haven't a clue on how to grow those.  There are pumpkin seeds.  I transplanted those so we'll see if those work.  I have mystery plants growing (they didn't transplant so well).  And there are at least 5 tomatoes growing around the compost.  I can figure out how it happened but it was still surprising.

I like growing things.  I like growing things that don't talk back.  I like little flowers that greet me daily, almost happy to see me.  I am a reluctant (and completely clueless) farmer.  Whodathunk?

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