Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wacky Hair Day

Today is Wacky Hair Day in at the girls' school.  This is a yearly event, one that I find odd.  I get spirit week - it breaks up the monotony that is school.  But it is weird to see kids going to school in pajamas or with green spiked hair.  It was odder to see teachers all dressed up.  But it's all good. This is the only part of the week my kids regularly and excitedly participate in.  We've been doing this since kindergarten.  It always involves color and usually hair teasing.  Sometimes braids. Sometimes other adornments.

My favorite was the one when they were somewhere around first or second grade.  They came home telling me wacky hair day would be the following day.  They started planning and figuring out what they could do with my limited hair experience.  They came up with this:

They were so excited to have big hair and lots of pony tail holders and clips in their hair.  They got on the bus so happy.  However, when I picked them up, the pony tail holders were out, the clips were hidden in their bags and their hair was as matted down as possible.  When I asked why they said WHD was the next week.  Oops.  We still laugh at that.  Every year.

A couple of years ago they decided to look like planters.  At least this had a happy vibe about it.

Today the theme is My Little Pony and More Glitter, Please.  The house smells of spray-on color gas - even hours after using it.  I'm pretty sure we all lost several brain cells today.  And I'm not sure the glitter will ever come out of the bathroom rugs.  Or off the walls.  It's a very good thing there are no smokers in the house.  I think I sent them to school in a very flammable state.

I guess we'll have to up our game for high school.  I should probably start planning for that now.


  1. OMG, I love this. So fun. Liam's new Principal has cut all fun from the school and it's such a shame. It is the part students and families remember. Love this!

    1. Why would someone remove the school spirit stuff? It's a great way to teach school pride and get creative. That's too bad!