Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Going on a rant

So.....I haven't posted for a while.  I didn't want to write about the endless doctor appointments, hospital visits, feelings of banging my head against an uncaring ER's wall (for my mom) - none of that.  I also didn't want to write about the never-ending drama of raising two moody teens.  I didn't want to write about the craziness of running a business or the freaking out at the loss of a major contract.  Nope, those weren't topics I cared to address here.

I wanted to write something happy.  Maybe even perky.  But every freaking day I keep thinking the same thing:  why are you (whomever you might be) entitled to be such an ass?  Mostly this happens when I take my kids to school.  Why are you, a fully able-bodied parent with fully able-bodied kids, parking in the handicap access parking spot?  I know you know there are disabled kids in this school.  But you don't give a shit.  Why?

Why are you in the left turn lane at the corner of Wayne and Sligo Creek Parkway when you're going to zip around and go straight?  Was beating that one car so important to you?  Do you realize there are children walking nearby (you are in a school zone, asshat).  So when someone has to swerve out of your way, who is it that will be hit?  You must be a very important person.

I spend a lot of time frustrated at the idea of people feeling ENTITLED.  They have some sort of right to be dicks.  Why is that?  Did their parents raise them that way?  Most of them are of a similar age to me so I suspect that's not it (my mother would have beaten my silly, as would most of my friends' parents).  But it does make me think about how I raise my girls.  I don't worry about them parking in a handicap access spot (they have seen me freak out about that enough to know better).  But I see sparks of "I deserve that" behavior.  This better go away.

I think I'm at the end of my rant.  To all you who don't stop for pedestrians in the walkways, run red lights, park where you have no business parking, I say fuck you.  You are not that special.  And just wait until I become Queen of the World.  You will be cleaning port-o-potties in that world.

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