Monday, June 9, 2014

Time Travel

My kids are Dr. Who fans so the topic of time travel is a fairly regular occurrence.  Sort of out of the blue, I ended up having one of my favorite conversations ever with them.

M: I wish I could travel through time.  I would go back to your middle (junior high) school.  I would be your best friend.

My heart melted.

A: Oh!  I would want to go back, too.  I want to ice skate with you.  We would have so much fun.

Yes, we would.

M: We'd get in trouble together.  That would be awesome.

We get in trouble now.  That's not enough?

No, sometimes you're like a regular parent.  It would be different if we were the same age.

I wonder if my 13 year old girls would like the 13 year old me.  I wasn't as smart as they are.  Or rather, I was smart in a different way.  I have good common sense/street smarts.  They are book smart.  I hope I would teach them about music.  I also hope I wouldn't teach them to smoke, which I did with a few other kids in the bike shed where I grew up.  I'd probably have done better in school - the three of us would be competitive.  I do know we'd have a tremendous amount of fun.

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