Friday, May 2, 2014

Good News Friday 5/2/14

My mother taught me to "act as if".  It used to make me nuts.  Sometimes I'm in a pissy mood or just know I can't do something or whatever.  Those are the times, my mother said, to act as if.  Act as if it's all okay.   Act as if I can do (whatever it is).  Act as if.

So this week has pretty much sucked.  Nothing life changing (mostly) but sucky nonetheless.  So I'm going to act as if it's been a really good week.  I'm going to act as if this was a great day, which it was not.

1.  My girls got their Silver Award through Girl Scouts.  This is a real thing, not an act-as-if thing.  It was great to hear the opportunities that await my girls as they progress through scouts.  And it got me into a church for the first time in a long time.  The pew didn't sizzle.  That's a good thing.

My girls and their awesome troop leader.

2.  I like my saw on a stick.  Oh, that's right, I've been corrected.  It's a pole saw.  After a few mishaps, I got the hang of it and there are now a lot less branches hanging over my back yard.  This is good.  Add to that the azalea I got from freecycle (complete with worms) and maybe my back yard will be useable.  I guess I should do something with the skull I found back there.

3.  Reaching for something here.....reaching......I got a few new clients.  And two conferences that used my company in the past are back for their third time with me. That's a plus.

4.  I had a good date night seeing Eddie Izzard with the bf.  That was fun.  I'm using that to make me feel better about being alone on my 3rd anniversary with said bf.

5.  Oh!  I had someone do something really, really nice for me.  My friends took a short trip to Portland Maine last week.  I asked them to check out a store and look for earrings I saw the last time I was there (which was about 15 years ago).  They found the store, tried to find the earrings but the store doesn't carry them any more.  Then later in the week, one of the friends and I were working together and she surprised me with a small box and a (different) pair of earrings from the jewelry store!  That was so nice.  Now every time I wear the earrings, I smile.  That's a seriously good thing.

6.  One more!  My friend-with-fabulous-lilacs called me.  She knows lilac is my favorite scent.  So the invitation to go smell her lilacs was very welcome on a day when I needed to smile.  It was worth the allergy headache that appeared after quite a lot of pollen made its way up my nose.

Okay, I found 5 6 good things for the week.  Whew!  And they were genuine things.  That's a good reminder.  My life is overall good.  I need to remember that.

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