Friday, March 7, 2014

Good News Friday 3/7/14

This has been a challenging week.  I rarely drink and when I do it's very rarely wine.  I've had wine this week.  And beer.   And the week isn't over yet.

But a few good things did happen.  Let me see if I can remember them......  Oh yeah....

1.  I won a printer from one of my favorite bloggers, Jessica McFadden over at A Parent in Silver Spring and A Parent in America (  And she brought it to me over at the skating rink.  That's a great (and understanding) mom!

2.  I am in my third week of not yelling at drivers.  Miracles do happen.

3.  I've been scouring craigslist for a year looking for a very particular dresser.  I found it at a fraction of the price I expected.  And it fit in my car!  Win, win and extra win!

4.  One of my girls broke her leg.  Or so we thought.  The urgent care place said it was broken.  The orthopedic specialist isn't so sure.  "Isn't so sure" is good enough for me!  So no cast (kid is not happy about that), funny looking boot (she'll still get attention so that's fine) and crutches (that were fun for the first two days and now she's over them).  Mostly what this means is a faster healing time and less worry once it's healed.  Whew!

5.  I started the week seeing a play (Tribes) and having a very grown up dinner with a friend.  That was nice.  I don't do that often enough.

6.  Oh!  I forgot!  It's the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!  Sing it with me!  It's daylight savings time.  More daylight.  More happy Judi.

So that's all my good news this Friday.  Feel free to share your good news in the comments!

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