Sunday, January 16, 2011

Things I am not good at

This could be a long list but I'll just list the things that became apparent today.

1. Light bulbs. This includes changing them (other than in lamps). I drop them. I put them in crooked. I do not do this well.

2. Assembling furniture. I do much better buying already assembled furniture. Sorry ikea.

3. I don't blog regularly, return emails promptly or answer phone calls when I should. My bad.

4. I do not like to deal with dead animals. This includes bunnies that die mysteriously in my driveway and mice that might get caught in traps.

5. I do not make decisions quickly. Eventually I do get around to making decisions but it takes a while. Like a year.

6. I only manage to get laundry done when I run out of underwear.

7. I don't handle my emotions well. I don't like having emotions.

8. I clearly don't know jack about nutrition.

9. I don't sleep well. Lately it's turned into I don't sleep. But out of fear of being called a vampire, I'll just say I don't do it well.

10. I am not organized. But I want to be!

Dead Bunny

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