Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cold hands.....clean car?

My mom always told me if you have cold hands it means you have a warm heart. Nice sentiment but I've always doubted its truth.

I don't understand the need to fix what ain't broken. This is on my mind as I leave my local Giant grocery store. It wasn't broken. It was fine. I knew where everything was and could really just run in and out. They fixed what wasn't broken.

They revamped the store and call it new. Whatever. They're allowed to do so. I can't find anything but I will learn where things are again. The check out folks are nicer. Now they say hello, so that's a plus. The nice guy checked my stuff (I was going to say "checking me out" but that sounded a little off) and finished everything. I was walking out when I hear "Ma'am! Ma'am! Wait please!" First mistake, calling me ma'am. I won't even start on that. The woman informs me that there are no longer cart returns places out in the parking lot. Now I must be escorted to my car, assisted with my groceries and then the assistant will return the cart for me. Deep sigh.

Why the sigh? Because now I am required to keep my car clean. I'm an interpreter. One of the job requirements is to pretty much live out of my car. Plus I'm a mom of slobby kids. That fact also leads to a messy car. Do you understand the pressure here? Luckily, my car was pretty clean today (because I had a passenger yesterday who I didn't want to know my dirty little secret of my messy car). But on a normal day, there will be empty soda cans, happy meal boxes, make up, a week's worth of newspapers and juice boxes scattering the floor. I make a slight effort to clean it when I know I have to go through a car security station for my job but otherwise what you see is what you get. Now there's going to be PRESSURE from the grocery store!

I know this is supposed to be improved customer service. It's just an added stress now. I have to make small talk with this person AND have them see my car. Again, deep sigh.

That got me to wondering: if cold hands mean a warm heart, what does a messy car mean? I think I'm better off not knowing.

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